Become a Culture Engineer: 5 Ways to Empower Your Culture

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Culture is a systematic energy that is shaped and influenced by the interactions, lack of interactions, and general environment that it is in. So how do we influence energy?

Here’s one solution — think like an engineer.

Engineering is all about using a systemic mindset to solve problems. It consists of the following:

  • identification of needs and requirements
  • testing and iterating prototypes and integrations
  • verifying and validating that what you are designing will work
  • mitigating risks and planning ahead
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The power of “culture engineering” comes from systematically and holistically looking at culture, why it currently is the way it is, and taking the steps to improve it through sustainable action.


Here are 5 steps to think like a Culture Engineer.


1. Start by identifying and understanding the culture as it exists today.

What is the current state of our culture? What could be improved? What should remain the same?

Make a list. Brainstorm and write down as many ideas as you can. What is the current state of our culture? What does it look like today? Identify the good and the bad — this will help you identify areas of improvement.


2. Then, identify the challenges that you may face in improving the current culture.

What challenges will we face as we rebuild and solve current issues?


3. Challenges exist wherever we look. The key is resilience! Use your culture engineering skills to energize solutions by thinking about how you can mitigate issues.

How can we mitigate these issues? What should we do when we see these issues next arise? How do we make our solution efficient?


4. Next, test your solution! Implement a pilot program, test the program with your direct team, propose a solution at the next community town-hall meeting. Take action!

I am proposing _____. Here’s how it addresses current challenges. Here’s why it will be a more sustainable solution. Here’s how we can mitigate any issues collaboratively.


5. Evolve your solution. Continuously engage with your solution, check in with your team/organization/community, and make sure that your solution is sustainable. Feedback is key!

What’s working well? What could be better? How can we continuously evolve our solutions and culture?


Taking these steps will help you think about culture systematically. This flow helps you design in the current for the future in the present. Being an engineer is all about finding a balance between thinking systematically and creatively. You can find a Culture Engineer thriving at the intersection of innovation, sustainability, empowerment, empathy, and process.

Are you ready to be a Culture Engineer?

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