Company culture is a shared set of workplace beliefs, values, attitudes, standards, purposes, and behaviors. It reflects both the written and unwritten rules that people in an organization follow. Your organization’s culture is the sum of all that you and your colleagues think, say, and do as you work together.
Our ultimate impact is to design high-performing, authentic, innovative, and purpose-driven companies.

Customized programs for whatever stage you are in!

Would you like to know the areas that are holding your organization back? 

Utilizing assessments, interviews, focus groups, and proven tools, we can bring awareness to your organization’s culture today.

  • Leadership Team Analysis: Uncover and understand the individual cultural perception and personality types of the identified team.
  • Workforce Alignment Analysis: Questionnaire-based developmental analysis for all relevant members
  • Leader / Member Analysis: Understand an identified individual's cultural perception and personality type (great for new hires!) 

The Organizational Map we use empowers us to take a system-wide and holistic approach. This is a key way to start instituting strategies and frameworks that sustain your desired culture and organization.



We facilitate programs that are:

Interactive, dynamic, & practical - this helps employees understand, apply, and generate proactive ideas
Customized & purposeful - all resources and tools are structured to meet the needs of your people. 
Qualitative & quantitative - Built to break down processes and identify areas for growth
Collaborative and co-creative - We provide a psychologically safe space for all participants to share genuinely

Culture As A Service (CaaS)

After setting a foundation, you should look to develop a strategy that reinforces sustainability. 

Our "Culture As A Service (CaaS)" package includes:

    • Monthly & Quarterly culture pulse checks
    • Peer to peer group sessions
    • Mentors and topic-specific training & development sessions
    • 1:1 coaching sessions


Our Flagship Culture Design Workshops Include: 

Leadership Alignment Workshop
High-performing teams and organizations are built on collaboration and alignment, and it starts at the top.

Purpose & Manifesto Development Workshop
Discover and design your organization's identity. Providing you with a narrative that communicates your purpose, guiding values, and vision for the future. 

Narrative Building & Storytelling Workshop
Messaging needs to inspire, set expectations, and explain the purpose for change.

Strategic Direction & Culture Alignment Workshop
Think of it this way. Strategy is forward-oriented. It’s today’s game plan for tomorrow. Culture, on the other hand, reflects how you do things today



Stakeholder Experience Workshop
Here we dig into your employee and customer experience and map out the value creation process for the identified stakeholder group.

Performance Enablement Workshop
Here we want to flip the script on traditional performance management practices and evolve your organization’s culture into one that enables performance.

Behavior Change Co-Creation Workshop
To bridge the gap into the future, we must develop habits and behaviors that reflect the future. To build these habits, we will look at four main facets that make up our daily experiences in life and the powers that reinforce our behaviors.

Developing Rhythms, Rituals, and Routines
By establishing shared rules for how we interact, rituals can provide our organization a way to work in harmony that unlocks consistent performance.

Our complete program bundles the organizational map, culture design workshops, and culture as a service package into one core partnership!

Connect with us today to see what that could look like for your organization.

Download the workshop list here

Our specialty areas include:

High Performing Teams

Companies are built on teams! 

Our research suggests that almost all teams fail to be properly accountable for their work, and the majority are non-functional.

We can take a deep dive into the high-performing habits and behaviors within a team and identify areas of improvement that can take your team to the next level. 

(Read more here)

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

The biggest obstacle to successful M&A activities is conflicting cultures. The disturbing statistics of M&A failures document the problem: Between one-half and three-fourths of the deals that are done never measure up to original expectations.

Culture needs to be a priority item in your integration strategy. There are a few steps we can take to realize the full value. 

(Read more here)

Employee Resource Groups

Strategically created and run employee resource groups can have an incredible impact on your organization.

Let's connect to develop the proper strategy and training that empowers your team of change agents to drive the impact they envision. 

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To uncover what's on the horizon for your unique organization and what you can do to prepare, connect with Perennial Culture today!
To uncover what's on the horizon for your unique organization and what you can do to prepare, connect with Perennial Culture today!

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