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Utilize The Power Of Your Culture...

to unlock the potential within yourself, your people, your teams, and your organization.
(EQ Coaching, Soft-Skill Development, Culture Design & Strategic Retreats)

We take you on a journey to see the world in new ways and practice a method that allows leaders, entire organizations, and larger social systems to connect with and achieve their highest potential.

Maintaining strong and appealing company cultures is not only the right thing to do, it’s a smart business strategy.

Hear it directly from some of our favorite partners & culture champions! 

Dec 8, 2023

Core Themes and Trends in HR for 2024

Based on the content from the HR Executive, Mercer, Forbes, and Josh Bersin's articles, here are..

Oct 14, 2023

Fostering Appreciation at Work: Unveiling the Power of Recognition

“You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.” - Zig Ziglar 

Sep 15, 2023

Building a Thriving Multigenerational Workforce

"Alone, I am a leaf. Interbeing together with other leaf's, we become a tree. Interbeing together..



Want to align and engage your leadership team? Ask about our Culture Sprint

The Culture Sprint is an interactive program leading leaders & teams through the methods and foundational elements that drive higher levels of success within organizations.

Having a solid foundation is essential to improve collaboration, boost morale, and empower employees to shape the future together. As a result, your people will have greater passion and pride for the brand and take greater ownership of embodying the values and delivering the desired brand experience.


Union 5


Union 5

Leveraging system thinking, cultural psychology, and design thinking, you can work even deeper, to evolve and change the underlying paradigms of thought, and to connect with your deeper sources of creativity and self.

This process will empower you to solve your most complex problems of today and tomorrow. Participants of this process have reported it to be seen as a journey of personal and collective unfolding that guides them to connect with and move towards their highest potential.

Learn more about a framework and a method for how to do that.

You can reach limitless possibilities when your culture engages, aligns, and harmonizes your people together to drive greater collective impact & results. To do this, you must blur the lines between your people, organization, and systems. These elements should ideally be working in harmony with each other. This is what maximizes the value within the company.



Development - Develop an extraordinarily productive and purposeful organization


Performance Enablement - Build high-performing teams and organizational models


Retention - Build a culture where people want to come to work

Our Partners

Working with Perennial Culture gives you access to our network of Culture Advocates & mentors from many fields. Here are some of our past & present partners.

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Let's make the future happen today!


Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

Partner with us over the long-term to establish cultural sustainability and make an impact in your community


Coaching & Advising

Coaching & Advising

Engage with us for 1:1 leadership and management coaching, employee engagement, and Non-profit Board advisory services


Workshops & Speaking Opportunities

Workshops & Speaking Opportunities

Participate in workshops, virtual events, values & purpose discovery activities, and cultural roadmap creation


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