We build highly engaged and collaborative ecosystems!

We bring proven approaches that enable you to engage your diverse stakeholders and build lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships that unlock collective impact.

Have a social impact/civic initiative that requires the collaboration of multiple stakeholders?

We have essential frameworks and tools that allow you to reframe problems into opportunities for system-wide innovation and evolution. We believe it’s possible to create profound societal evolution. It will take all of us. We’re glad you’ve joined us for the journey!

Develop impact metrics and ongoing reporting 
Utilizing reporting solutions can help you and your network set goals, track progress, and stay motivated on specific actions to support the key impact areas. 

Stakeholder engagement strategies
Utilize strategic approaches to engaging stakeholders in a way that initiates the co-creation process that unlocks collective action in your network



Network mapping
Utilizing network surveys, interviews, focus groups, and proven tools, we can bring awareness to areas of strength as well as areas that would benefit from additional attention or support. 

Network Alignment Programs
Design and activate the cultural elements within your network so that they reinforce behaviors towards your goals and objectives.

Network Expansion Programs
Scale your network and impact from a local to regional level and beyond. We support the growth, development, launch, and implementation of your network into new communities.

Have an initiative that requires rallying stakeholders together? The Ecosystem Evolution program might be the best fit for you!
To uncover what's on the horizon for your unique organization and what you can do to prepare, connect with Perennial Culture today!

Our flagship workshops that are included in our “Ecosystem Evolution” program are:

Ecosystem-Wide Stakeholder Panel Workshops & Discussions:
Strategically facilitate events that bring diverse stakeholders together around a shared impact/topic of discussion.

Sensing Journey Workshops
Sensing Journeys pull groups out of their daily routine and allow them to experience the organization, challenge, or system through the lens of different stakeholders.

Future Guided Journaling Practices
Guided journaling leads participants through a self-reflective process that can be used to better understand a current situation and identify concrete action steps.



3D Mapping Workshops
3D Mapping is a tool we use to bring multiple dimensions and perspectives to understanding how an idea, initiative, or system might evolve. The power of this workshop lands in our hands!

Value Creation Design Workshop
This is a resource mapping and design session to develop value creation processes and collaborations within the network.

Co-Evolving & Sustainability Practices
For our solutions to develop and evolve you must, attend the practices that are helpful in creating conditions to co-evolve.

Want to build an innovative and highly collaborative ecosystem?

We will develop stakeholder case groups based on aligned needs, interests, and current situations. During peer group sessions, we will provide tools and methods such as:

  • Opening Practices
  • Intention-Setting
  • Closing Practices
  • Guidance for moving into generative dialogues
  • Talking Stick and Circle Practices
  • Awareness Practices
  • Guided Journaling
  • Mindfulness Practices


Connect with us today to discuss your network and objectives

Our Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Established by the United Nations (UN), the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a list of 17 progressive goals that tackle global issues, including reducing climate change, increasing educational access, establishing gender equality, reducing homelessness, and enhancing sustainable infrastructure and living.

SDG logo transparent

Perennial Culture is proud to represent the SDGs because we believe in the power of sustainable culture. Sustainability is a foundational element for a thriving culture, environment, and society - thus, it is important to integrate these values and goals in our vision of creating sustainable, evolutionary cultures. We are committed to the practice, embodiment, and advocacy for the Sustainable Development Goals.



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