What is the Culture Sprint?

The Culture Sprint is an interactive program analytically focused on leading founders, executives, and their teams through the methods and foundational elements that drive higher levels of success within organizations.

This program guides you through a journey to reimagine three core questions:

  • Who are we? 
  • How do we operate? 
  • How do we grow and sustain? 

The program can be conducted in person or virtually. Zoom, Mural, and other interactive online tools will be used throughout the program to encourage interactive participation and engagement.



What will our time together look like?

Experiential Learning

Our sessions will be Interactive and practical so you can understand, apply, and draw unique connections across key concepts to generate proactive ideas.

Real-Time Dialogue & Collaboration

Our number one goal when facilitating these sessions is to ensure a psychologically safe space for all participants to share genuinely and overcome misconceptions in a learning environment. We encourage empathy, self-reflection, and growth. 

Informed and Comprehensive

Our program is deep and designed to empower you with the foundational culture system design tools to develop the culture your organization envisions.


A hands-on program, the Culture Sprint is a great opportunity for start-ups to come together as a team to develop organizational values, mission statements, and the true "why" and heart of their organization. Not only is it a great way to meet others going through similar scenarios, it is a great way to connect with your team and learn along the way.

—Bailey Labonte, Principal - People, Culture & Employee Experience Partner


Download the Culture Sprint Curriculum here.


I'm so grateful to have been part of the Culture Sprint group! As an HR/People Ops department of one in my small company, I can often feel isolated in the initiatives I'm trying to push forward, so one of the best parts of the program was the opportunity to connect with other people from all over the country who are committed to building culture first companies. Getting to discuss and learn alongside them provided so much inspiration and insight that motivated me to continue to put the work in to keep building culture at my own company. I also really appreciated all the hard work that the Perennial team put into providing practical, transferable resources for us as participants, including going out of their way to coach each of us through the different things we were thinking through on behalf of our orgs. I finished the program feeling more inspired and equipped to keep pushing forward culture-first initiatives at my company and among my colleagues!

—Sarah Gray, Operations & HR Manager


Our Partners

Being part of the program will give you access to our network of Culture Advocates & mentors from many fields. Here are some of our past & present partners.

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Thanks to all of the forethought, coaching, and support you offered me through the Culture Sprint and beyond. I wanted my team to work with you because I felt we had a one-time opportunity to get expert advice, while we were still at the beginning stages. With your help, we answered some hard questions, became aware of what hid in our blind spots, and we're still using what you taught us as we evolve and grow. I can't recommend the Culture Sprint and Perrenial Culture enough. They were a pleasure to work with and still feel like they are with us on the journey to build a thriving and sustainable business.

—Ambrose WB, Founder @ Milwaukee Wellness Collective


Still have specific questions? Schedule a call with the Perennial Team here.


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