Tending Your Culture

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Cultivating our culture is something like planting trees in an orchard.

If we plant a peach seed it will grow to be a peach tree.

And after a few years it will bear peaches.


But it's not enough to drop a seed in the ground and return years later to collect our fruit. 

We must take great care, returning every day and nurture it and tend to it.

We want to make sure the soil provides a healthy foundation for a vigorous tree

If you want to have a good harvest the most important thing is to make the soil rich and cultivated well.

Our people and culture grow the same way. 

If we practice curiosity we will grow a curious mindset

If we practice boldness we will grow to be bold. 

If we practice love, we will grow a culture full of love. 

We can't reach liberation without doing the everyday work that will lead us there. 

We must pour ourselves into the process, integrating daily nurturement into our lives. 

This means making the thousands of tiny choices that result in a disciplined and progressive practice. 

Such as meditating when we feel tired. 

Challenging our reactivity in an argument and calling on the breath to calm a surge of anxiety.

By creating these habits on a daily basis we are building a foundation that will grow stronger over time.

In this practice, we will spend many days out in the orchard amid the trees. 

Some rainy, some sunny. 

Embrace the task tending to your practice daily, enjoying each unique phase of growth as it sprouts, grows, and flourishes.




Tending to your culture is hard!

But you dont have to do it on your own.

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Cultural Evolution is hard. But it's worth it! 

We encourage you to apply these methods to a challenge, issue, or system that matters to you and explore the future by creating it. 

If you adopt Cultural Evolution practices, you'll have a stronger, more resilient, and sustainable organization. 

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