Jan 23, 2023
“Ultimately, both parties are trying to answer one simple, fundamental question: Do we sense that..
Nov 29, 2022
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model..
Nov 22, 2022
“We create tension to help us rise.” – Peter Senge
Aug 23, 2022
"There are no separate systems. The world is a continuum. Where to draw a boundary around a system..
Aug 15, 2022
“People aren’t tolerating toxic bosses and toxic cultures anymore, because they can leave and find..
Jun 26, 2022
"The strength of our movement is in the strength of our relationships… Scaling up would mean going..

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Cultural Paradigms - Where are you operating from?

When developing new strategies for your team and company, you should first ask, “Is our culture..


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