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Virtuositeam and Perennial Culture Announce Strategic Partnership Agreement to Expand Training Operations in the U.S.


partnership announcment

London - 15 Mar 2022 - Virtuositeam, a leading provider of research-based behavioral change and training services, and Perennial Culture, today announced a strategic partnership to expand sales and delivery operations globally for Virtuositeam’s high-performance and resiliency team training.

Connecting Virtuositeam’s progressive and industry-specific high performance team training, Adaptive Product Management, Adaptive Project Management and Adaptive Program Management Office, and Perennial Culture’s culture design methodology for building purpose-driven organizations brings depth, reach, and scale to organizations investing in their people first - to attract, retain, engage, uplift, and create resounding loyalists of their employees - while igniting uplifts in company performance.

For companies in fast-changing industries, new approaches to team behaviors, attitudes, and business process are needed to adapt at rapid speed. Product Managers and Project Managers alike say that most common reasons for late or poor delivery is team member misalignment or toxic interpersonal behaviors. By training leaders to establish unwavering team alignment and commitment with agreed upon ways of doing work, the Virtuositeam approach shortens product development and project delivery timelines. And whether you believe in the Great Resignation or not, the cost and business interruptions created by revolving door talent are immense. Companies need to invest in their people and how they work together to change faster, adapt smarter, continuously innovate, and enjoy the journey getting there. Or they will be gone.

Colin Bullen, Founder and Director of Virtuositeam commented, “We encountered Zech a couple of years ago when he participated in our provider training. He graduated the course with flying colors based on his natural talent for understanding what it takes to create high-performance cultures. His empathy for the human aspects of change makes him a great fit for Virtuositeam and we are delighted to formalize our relationship into a committed strategic partnership. Zech’s skills and network will allow us to expand our services at a much faster rate than we have achieved up until now.”

Zech Dahms, Founder and Culture Strategist of Perennial Culture added, “We believe our partnership with Virtuositeam can deepen our impact within organizations by serving an often-underserved element that is essential to company performance. Virtuositeam's unique proposition to project managers and cross-functional leaders with their expertise in behavioral research, change agility, and team cohesion fits perfectly with the leading work Perennial Culture is part of.” 

For more information, contact hello@virtuositeam.com or zech@perennialculture.com 

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Have product managers and project managers that deal with cross-functional misalignments and cultural challenges? 

Work with us and invest in your leaders to improve how they work together, facilitate cross-functional teams, to change faster, adapt smarter, continuously innovate, and enjoy the journey getting there.

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