A moment of gratitude - Thanks for being a Perennial

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A moment of gratitude - Thank you for being a Perennial

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I felt energized to share a moment of gratitude with all of you.

It has been over 8 years in the organizational development and culture development space, and three years since I started this journey with Perennial.


Where it started... (1)

First, we were Perennial Human Development, built on the philosophy that the cultural consciousness that embodies an organization can never exceed the level of consciousness of its people. Specifically its leader. So if we want to evolve and grow our culture, we must first develop ourselves as humans.

I still believe in this philosophy.

But I quickly realized that Perennial Human Development was really the teenager that has yet discovered who and what it is... and it really only concentrated on one understanding and discipline of cultural evolution.

Through moments of growth, experience, learning, and support, we evolved into Perennial Culture.

This evolution took place as we understood the need to build and take an integral approach to our cultures. “Integral” because it integrates and brings together disparate theories, perspectives, and systems into a single coherent understanding of our organizations, of life, the universe, and everything. Bringing what we call "Culture System Design" to life.

While Perennial went through this evolution, the original leaf (which I used to call "Prana," meaning "life force.") became a bit more developed or more "integral" you could say, but also shows there is still more to break out into (Which you can see with the open slot where the leaf breaks out in the upper section.) Quick honestly, I am not sure what that will truly be, but this is primarily why we designed a logo that reflected something complete but still open and breaking out into new heights.

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I speak of Perennial as if it is its own person. As if it has its own energy. And as I reflect on it, it really does.

For example... When I am struggling to find motivation... When I am fueling my limiting beliefs... When I am deep into some of my lowest moments...

The voice of Perennial tends to creep into my head - sometimes this voice is clear and sometimes not. But as I listen to this energy, I am instantly energized, confident, and ready to take the next step forward on this bumpy yet rewarding path.

Why is that? Why is there this external voice that is "Perennial" creeping into my head?

It's because Perennial is made up of so much more than myself.

It's made up of all of you!

Perennial is what it is because of the supportive people who want to live integrally and build holistic meaning-making cultures.

Whether you know it or not, you all have a piece of Perennial in you. You all have been beautiful fountains of meaning-generating humans.

You are all that makes Perennial a reality today and I am so grateful because of that.

Thank you to all of you who have been part of this journey. We love you and appreciate your courage to help make sense of our cultures and ask tough yet rewarding questions.

You showing up and living these questions with us year over year, in enduring fashion, is what makes Perennial a true perennial!

I will continue to dive into and live these questions with you. To dive into these aspects of our cultures and to organize, understand, and make sense of the entire scope of our realities.

By doing so, we can continue to evolve into new heights and meaning... Where ever that may be.

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