The World Of DEI

Having a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture can be extremely valuable for your organization, but can be just as difficult to obtain. Everywhere we are is embedded in complex interconnected systems.

The challenges we face around the issues of DEI are no different. There is a lot hidden beneath the surface, and culture system design is a great way to help you discover it. 

We are all connected and need to work together in order to evolve.


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Pick one of the systems to the right. It can be one that’s close to your work experience or one that you just have a lot of ideas about. Next, analyze the system using the system design framework offered in this worksheet. 

DEI Worksheet


Corporate and Philanthropic Community Partnerships

The goal of our philanthropic community partnerships is to empower 100,000 Black entrepreneurs by providing them with free access to the knowledge, tools, and support they need to start or grow a business.  We do this by providing access to platforms in our Learning Community - free to entrepreneurs through sponsorships and support of corporate and philanthropic partners. This serves not only to empower the Black community but to provide corporate and philanthropic partners with an impactful way to serve their social and economic justice objectives.

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