Why Perennial Culture?

A Perennial is something that is lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring. The power of a perennial is in its evolutionary resilience and continuous growth. With strong roots and a healthy environment, a perennial withstands the test of time and hardship. The ideal culture is one that has the foundational qualities of a perennial. One that grows from a strong foundation of purpose, lives in evolutionary growth, is nurtured with empathy, and empowered to grow and flourish with sustainability.

At Perennial Culture, we help you engage, collaborate, and connect with your organization and peers to establish a collective understanding of impact, intentions, and interactions that will shape your culture systematically. Our partnerships create an environment where you can hold space and dive into your purpose, mission, vision, and empathy to build a sustainable culture. Through cultural sustainability, we can empower cultural breakthroughs.



Our Team

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Aneysha Bhat

Cultural Strategist & Co-Founder

Zech Dahms

Cultural Strategist & Co-Founder
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Our Manifesto

Our mission is to empower organizations and communities with the tools to create sustainable and thriving cultures.

Sustainability is a focal aspect of our approach towards energizing and empowering culture. We believe that culture is a continuously evolving energy, influenced by the interactions and lack of interactions around us. To create sustainable culture, it must be developed collaboratively with long-term goals, objectives, and people-centric processes in mind. A sustainable culture is one that is evolutionary, adaptable, and designed in the present for the future.

Our vision is a world of thriving, self-organized culture within organizations, communities, and society as a whole. Where people, communities, and our world collectively grows in harmony.


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